“These Tanya CDs have enabled every single child in our elementary school, including students with poor memory and other learning disabilities, to memorize lines of Tanya by heart. I realized how the students had internalized these words when we were dancing to niggunim on Rosh Chodesh kislev, and the entire circle of children burst out in song…singing words of Tanya to the Niggun they were dancing to…the experience uplifted and inspired me!”

Mrs. Frayda Kaplan – curriculum coordinator, Bais Rivka Montreal

“You have made the Tanya so easy and so available for every child – whether it be second grade, third grade, seminary, even my five year old is singing Tanya! They sing it and hum it all day! It’s now a “friendly song” to them – it’s on their lips, and it’s so catchy! When we were growing up, we didn’t know Tanya like that; who would ever dream that children could be singing words of Tanya so easily? This is the power of song – it becomes ingrained and a part of you. The words are so clear, the Nekudos are clear. The Tanya is being engraved in their memory. My student in Sem Beis asked me a Sha’ala: “What happens if you’re in the bathroom and you’re thinking of Tanya?” She plays the CD all day, and the words of Tanya are constantly on her mind – her question was how to stop thinking of Tanya! What an unbelievable Zchus you have!”

Mrs. Sara Raskin – Montreal mother, Shlucha in Cote-Saint-Luc, teacher in Seminary Chaya Mushka, Mashpia & Mechaneches


“I was lucky enough to have had Morah Racheli Jacks both as my unforgettable teacher, and many years later, as my fellow co-worker. Every student in Beth Rivkah Montreal Elementary would wait in eager anticipation for the year they would enter Sixth Grade and be in Morah Jacks’ class. I remember envying my older sisters and counting the years down! Her teaching skills are legendary- more than a dozen years later, I can still remember her classes so clearly- (when I say the Chitas of Parshas Mishpatim, I can picture her enacting the embarrassment that stealing a sheep entails, or about the damages of “nezek tzzar ribpui sheves boishes”… etc). Through incredible performances and plays, she instills in her students a palpable pride as Bnos Chabad and a pure love for Yiddishkeit. She prepares the best performances and makes up the most beautiful songs- songs that are now sung in camps and schools worldwide. Morah Jacks has the amazing ability to empower her students to reach their full potential, develop their talents and self-esteem, and feel so mature and responsible. She made us shine. Her creativity and energy are unending. As my teacher, and years later as my co-worker, she had the same unflagging enthusiasm and drive…

Beth Rivkah Montreal and Bnos Menachem in Crown Heights now play her Tanya CDs every morning before Davening as part of Chayolei Tzivos Hashem, and the result is incredible: every girl feels like the Tanya belongs to her since she so easily knows the lines Baal Peh. Parents have told me that as a result of their children learning these Perakim, the whole family has gained tremendously. On a personal note, the best part of knowing these Perakim by heart is that these holy words of Tanya, brought down in hailike heartfelt niggunim, are the lullabies I sing to my baby daughter…

I now live in Crown Heights, but I still hear through the grapevine how much she is missed. Melbourne has gained a treasure with the Jacks family.”

Mrs. Blumi Mishulovin – teacher Bnos Menachem Crown Heights; (past Tzivos Hashem coordinator Bais Rivka Montreal)


“When the Jacks family left Montreal, the entire Bais Rivkah gathered together to say goodbye to Mrs. Jacks – and it was far more than just a polite formality. We were all truly happy for her, but sad for ourselves to see her go. Mrs. Jacks has amazing teaching skills and sensitivity towards her students, and is always looking for new ways to upgrade her classes. In addition, she is extraordinarily gifted and the songs and plays that she produced with her students were used as a tool to give great pleasure to her students and inspire them in their Yiddishkeit. If I would use one world to describe Racheli Jacks, it would be “unforgettable.” Any school that hires her has acquired a gem.”

Mrs. Minkowitz – wife of the principal and Mechaneches, Bais Rivkah Montreal

“Every day after davening the class practiced Tanya for a few minutes. Before we knew it, we had almost completed the whole Perek!”

Mrs. Sara Glasman – teacher, Beth Rivkah Ladies College, Melbourne Australia